8 Best Candy Shops in Kentucky!

In the Bluegrass State, we know sweets. So it’s no surprise that Kentucky is home to some of the most deliciously satisfying candy stores in the country. You can find all varieties of candies at the best stores across the state. Satiate your sweet tooth with these 8 best candy stores in Kentucky. 

The Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe and Dundee Candy, Louisville, KY

For over 70 years, The Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe and Dundee Candy Shop in Louisville, Kentucky, has made a name for itself. The gourmet chocolates, Modjeskas, gummies, and cordials are crowd favorites. The Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe and Dundee Candy Shop is hands down one of the very best candy stores in the state of Kentucky.

Old Kentucky Chocolates, Lexington, KY

Assorted chocolates are available at Old Kentucky Chocolates in Lexington, Kentucky. Old Kentucky Chocolates also has a rich history with over 50 years of making some of the best candy in the state. Fundraising opportunities are available through the Old Kentucky Chocolate website as well. Here you will find the idyllic chocolate bar of your youth, spent selling their chocolate bars to raise money for your school. 

Rebecca Ruth Candy Factory, Frankfort, KY

The Rebecca Ruth Candy Factory in Frankfort, Kentucky, can produce as much candy as you want. They often deal in bulk and are setup as whole sellers of fine chocolate. If you like liquor in your chocolate, look no further, Rebecca Ruth has you covered. Their bourbon balls are made with the best bourbon in the land: Makers Mark, Buffalo Trace and Evan Williams—just to name a few. 

Schneider’s Homemade Candies, Bellevue, KY

Schneider’s Homemade Candies in Bellevue, Kentucky, specializes in opera creams, which you might not be able to find anywhere else. An opera cream, for those who don’t know, is a chocolate with a pure cream, milk and sugar center. German candy makers made these delicious candies for the Cincinnati Opera years ago, from which their name is derived. 

Chocolate Holler, Lexington, KY

Chocolate Holler in Lexington, Kentucky, is part candy store and part sipping chocolate parlor. This new store in the area began as an homage to the European tradition of sipping chocolates. Their sipping chocolates can be paired with a variety of natural flavors, including lavender, which is heavenly. All of the chocolate used in their drinks can also be purchased as a whole bar in the store as well, if you prefer the traditional way. 

Mary Jane’s Chocolates, Bowling Green, KY

Mary Jane’s Chocolates in Bowling Green, Kentucky, began as a love for Easter candy and developed into an art form. The candy makers at Mary Jane’s have created some of the finest edibles known to the state. You will find dozens of truffles, creams, melts, squares and bonbons that will melt your heart, not to mention your taste buds. Check out Mary Jane’s if you need a chocolate fix in the near future. 

Ruth Hunt Candy Co., Mount Sterling, KY

Since 1921, this official Kentucky Landmark, Ruth Hunt Candy Co. has kept a tradition of excellence, exemplary candy-crafting and exuberant flavors. With over 70 different types of candy to choose from, you can find Ruth Hunt Candy at several locations all around the state, wherever you go. The original store in Mount Sterling made its residence in 1930 and has since been a true inspiration for all others. 

Andria’s Candies, Owensboro, KY

Andria’s Candies are made in the style of Greek candy makers. Located in Owensboro, Kentucky, Andria’s is still making the finest candy in the Greek tradition. Voted at a Southern Living favorite in 2003, Andria’s Candies, are considered as the best at brittle-making and chocolate assortments in the this region of Kentucky. You can find cashew, coconut cashew or glazed pecan brittle at Andria’s Candies anytime of the year. Look for the Heavenly Hash as well when you visit, it is unique to this wonderful candy shop. 

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