Haunted Park After Dark

Haunted Park After Dark

Monday, Oct 21, 2019 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm


Only $6 a Parson

This activity is sure to leave you IN THE DARK!!

See if you can find your way through the park using only a map and a GPS device. For you die hard geo-cachers, this is a new twist on an old favorite. If you are new to geo-caching, this is a great experience to test out your skills.

You will hunt for nine caches around the park, each with a spooky tale! Each cache will give clues to the “final destination”.

Don’t have a GPS? Check out one of ours for use during the event. Limited availability, first come first served.

Also, smart phone can download a GPS app. Just make sure that you can input coordinates on those devices and that they are fully charged before starting your night off.