Talon Falls Screampark Haunted Attractions

Saturday, Oct 26, 2019 from 6:30pm to 11:00pm


Haunted Attractions:

Talon Falls - Talon Falls is our staple attraction a (30-40min), journey thru House of Blood, A Christmas Nightmare, Death Row, The Beast, Wasteland, Voodoo Lagoon & this year theme The Undertaker!

Dead End Hunted House - As you roam through the old mansion, will you become the crown jewel of his collection in "The Collector". The former asylum has been closed, but in it's place a new more diabolical menace has emerged in the Dead End Sanitarium. Then experience the old Doll Factory Mollies Dollies

Blood Creek Haunted Hayride (15-20 min) - Take a wagon through the decaying town of "Blood Creek" experience the Pumpkin Queen, the Old Saw Mill, Squealing Pigs Butcher Shop, Poisonous Ivy, Toxic Town Plus

All - New Pumpkin Eater!

Sinister Circus 3D - Step right up, ladies and gents; "Boils and Ghouls", with carnival style interactive fun-but watch out for the Evil Carneys lurking through out the Big Top!!


General Admission:

Ultimate Combo - $42.00
Triple Combo - $35.00
Double Combo - $27.00
Talon Falls - $17.00

Speed Pass:

Ultimate Combo - $60.00
Triple Combo - $50.00
Double Combo - $37.00
Talon Falls - $27.00

Group Ultimate Combo - $40.00