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Dinosaur World

711 Mammoth Cave Road

Dinosaur World is the name of three outdoor museums, one in Plant City, Florida, one in Cave City, Kentucky, and the third in Glen Rose, Texas, where visitors can see up close and life size the amazing creatures that once ruled the Earth.

Life sized models of dinosaurs welcome families and classes to learn, have fun, or just enjoy a quiet encounter with the lifelike animals.


Jenny Jauregui

Saturday, July 14, 2018
Great place to stop for the kids. Traveling with kids ranging from 6 to 14 and the teenagers even enjoyed it. Lots to do. The grounds are well maintained and clean. The Fossil Dig (for ages up to 12yrs old) was a big hit... sift through sand and pick out 3 fossils to take home. This is included in admission price. Great playground area and picnic tables available. You can bring in outside food and the entire grounds are pet friendly (keep pets on a leash).

Robert Bazzle

Saturday, July 7, 2018
It is a pretty good place for younger kids. There is a playground, a sandbox, a fossil museum (with too many replica artifacts), overpriced giftshop, and a mine(when operating). The dinosaurs were pretty "realistic" on size, sorta. They were made out of plastic and, some, not very detailed... More like shapes. Again, for the YOUNG crowd good. The 3 year old loved it, cause he loves dinosaurs. The 6 year old did pretty good, but didn't seem too impressed.

Dawn Mackes

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
It was REALLY cute and my kids (ages 2 & 6) had a blast. The park was just an overall great experience for the whole family and we are so happy we decided to go! The dinosaur trail was fantastic and my kids loved reading about all the different types of dinosaurs there were. My kids loved the fossil dig and panning for rocks/gems. They got to keep three pieces of whatever they found in the dig and they each got a baggie full of rocks they uncovered from the panning. It was a really cool place and a great day for the family!

Stacey B

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Went here on our first night to pass time until when we were going to the caves. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The cost was pretty fair for what you get. Each child’s ticket came with a pass to do the fossil dig where children sift through sand and are permitted to keep three fossils. The gift shop was air conditioned and sold bottled waters for $1.50. They had gifts for all ends of the budget: some very expensive and many inexpensive choices. The day we went was extremely hot (no fault of dinosaur world, they don’t control the weather), but it definitely would be more enjoyable on a cooler day when you could take your time and read all the facts on each dinosaur. The bathroom facilities were well maintained and cleanly with cool dinosaur murals covering the walls. The museum was also very neat (air conditioned) and it had several displays some being replicas and some being actual fossils. It was a nice cool reprieve after walking the dinosaur trail. The movie theater was not air conditioned so we didn’t really partake in that feature. The playground was very neat and Dino themed, the kids loved that. They offered a gem excavation which we did not partake in and they had a place where kids could pretend they were paleontologists and try to uncover fake bones in the sand with paint brushes. Overall it was a pretty cute place. It was a little small for what we expected. It was a great roadside attraction but definitely not a main reason to visit the area. They were also supportive of military families offering active duty free admission and dependents $1 off per ticket. Also, if you get a brochure from any gas station, restaurant, etc before you go there, there is usually a $2 off adult ticket coupon on the back.

pamela colegrove

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
If it had not been for the temperature which was 99 degrees that day, it would have been a fantastic day. The gift shop was nice and cool though and the prices were for everyone. And I mean everyone from the smallest spender to the millionaires that decided to stop in. Seriously, they had some stuff in the gift shop that was selling for a few thousand dollars! I got some nice earrings at a great price and the price of the tickets was well worth it. You are never too old or young to learn something new and it was a great teaching experience. I plan on going back again but when the weather is not so hot so I can really take my time and look at it all again.

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