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Dry Ridge Concrete Skatepark

Dry Ridge Concrete Skatepark
24 South Main Street

The city of Dry Ridge Kentucky gets a brand new concrete skatepark! 12,000 square feet of Grade A quality concrete. The park has a backyard pool with; concrete coping, deathbox and loveseat. Actually it is a 1970s style snake run built in a modern park, something like Lakewood's.

Concrete Skatepark is at Piddle Park, established in 1976. Dry Ridge Parks and recreation authority has put in a great concrete skatepark. Not much street, but a snake run and lots of interesting tranny. Killer bowl.

It is quiet and relaxing to walk around the dimly lit gem of a skatepark and explore the superb finish on the concrete. This new park in Dry Ridge, Kentucky has a snake run that flows from the top of the park down into a tight transition corner.

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