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Jenny Wiley State Resort Park

75 Theatre Court

Jenny Wiley State Resort Park opened in 1962. The lodge is named for Andrew Jackson May, a local native and Congressman for many years. The park has 49 lodge rooms, 18 one and two-bedroom cottages, a dining area that seats 244 people, a convention center, hiking trails, picturesque Dewey Lake, disc golf, and a 121 site campground.  From June through August the Jenny Wiley Theatre Company performs Broadway Musicals. Also located in the park is Josie Harkins School. This one-room country schoolhouse operated from 1924 to 1987, making it the last one-room country schoolhouse in Kentucky. The building was moved from Daniels Creek in Floyd County to the park as a part of the Commonwealth of Kentucky's bicentennial celebration.


Richard Traud

Friday, June 22, 2018
Booked and 5 day stay as part of a 5 family group. The problem we encountered was the cabins. Our cabin had no bedroom doors. When we complained they seemed surprised. Not surprised that we complained, but surprised that the doors were missing. Apparently a recent guest took them. Another family had a problem with a sewage smell in their cabin. Turns out it was a broken pipe. They ended up being moved to another cabin located well down the mountain, 50 wooden steps (not an exaggeration we all counted them) down from the road and parking. On the plus side the staff was otherwise great., and the park is beautiful.

Kyle Thomas

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
This is a review of the campground. I gave it two stars because of the staff. They were very helpful in answering our questions and working out a refund, they really cared. However, we had issues with many of the campers. The campground turns into a huge party on the weekends, with kids in golf carts and music playing til 3am. There isn't a guard station either, so there are cases where less savory people can drive into the camp site. It wasn't our type of crowd. We were looking for some quiteness and good hiking. This doesn't have that. The trails aren't maintained very well because the people staying here aren't really hiking people. Unrelated to the campground, and I'm not judging them for this; but after 1 2mile hike our dog had 14 ticks on her. The lodge seemed to have good food and more friendly people. All of the staff and rangers were great, but we turned our 14 night stay into 3.

wendy cook

Saturday, July 14, 2018
Overall the park is well maintained. The city has really tried to hype up the trail system. Which is working...😀 it's a great place for hiking whether you are a novice or expert

Peggy Coleman

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
We stayed in the RV campground. It was a nightmare. The full-service sites we very out of level so much so that we had to switch sites several times and each site was only a mild improvement or none at all. Our coach actually sank into the final site so not only was it unlevel we couldn't stay even remotely stay level as the ground was shifting and so did the blacktop we were parked on. My husband said our coach's jacks had made a hole in the blacktop about 8-10" deep. Also my niece broke her arm from slipping downhill on one of the millions of Sweet Gum tree balls that they don't clean up. It's impossible to safely walk around them all. Her foot rolled out from under her on these balls and she's dealing with a broken arm. I think she should sue them.

Beth Ison

Thursday, March 22, 2018
So peaceful and quiet. Really enjoyed spending the weekend with my husband for our 23rd wedding anniversary. We stayed in a cottage,they're like home away from home just bring your clothes and food if you plan on cooking or restaurants are fairly close if you'd rather someone else do the cooking. The bed spread and curtains could be updated but overall great place.

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