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Sandy Creek Golf Course

Sandy Creek Golf Course
9701 Meade Springer Road

History :
Originally built and operated as Ponderosa Golf Club, our course was designed in 1964 by noted architect Buck Blankenship, who also laid out Bright Leaf, Spring Valley, Tates Creek, Perry Park, Tanglewood and many other Kentucky courses.  Blankenship was hired for the job by Ashland resident Eddie Ballard, who had wanted a place where he and his friends could play golf.  The Ashland area had a couple of other courses at the time, but Ballard believed there was room for another.

The course was built on a site where a farm and a stock car race track once stood.  A barn on the property was turned into the clubhouse.

The course was sold in 1980 to local insurance man Don "Mac" Macdonald, who sold it in 1991 to Golf Specialists Inc., a Kentucky corporation whose principal owners are Rich and Tammy Mahar.  Rich Mahar is a 27-year member of the PGA of America.

The Mahars have made many improvements to the course since taking over ownership, including converting the fairways from blue grass to Bermuda to provide a better playing surface in summer heat.  Cart paths have been paved and improved so that players can golf on wet days.  The parking lot was paved.  Greens are gradually being rebuilt, using a sod nursery recently added to the course.  Our greens are small and built out of the original, native, surrounding soil.

The Mahars have dedicated themselves to creating a friendly and well-run operation – one where local residents and visitors can enjoy playable golf at great values.

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